You Can Keep Your Plan As Long as THEY Like It

I read an article this morning about shell-shocked ACA supporters, finding their current health coverage canceled and replaced by higher-cost plans, turning against the president.

What is interesting about the article is how ignorant these people are of basic economics. Such ignorance allowed the passing of the ACA in the first place and is almost a requirement of liberals. Liberals love hearing that 30 million new people will have health insurance, with a baseline of (often useless) benefits, at a lower price. But in their typical fantasy land, they never consider its costs. And its telling of their ignorance when liberals prattle to sticker-shocked ACA buyers about the available government subsidies to help with costs as if these subsidies are free money found in one’s garden. These subsidies, of course, are paid by the taxpayers. This fact seems to come as a shock to them.

And the utter deceitfulness of this administration when its members claim that they weren’t lying about your being able to keep your health plan if you like it (“period”). They simply forgot to mention that your plan must meet their standards; such arrogance! As I heard someone point out recently, the administration’s real message is that you can keep your plan as long as THEY like it.

Don’t expect the true believers to change, however. Their agenda is socialism, and it matters little to them how any individual law, such as the ACA, works out. Government control is what they are after as an end in and of itself. And as they’ve demonstrated recently, they will lie and cheat and distort in order to meet these goals.

The pendulum of American politics always swings inexorably. Today one senses, after this failed socialist experiment, the pendulum swinging back to the right. Let this bizarre Obama epoch be put on hold for three years. In the meantime, with any luck, we can prevent its doing anymore significant damage.


2 thoughts on “You Can Keep Your Plan As Long as THEY Like It

  1. Rob,

    Thanks for the note on ACA. The idea of putting Obama on HOLD would be so nice – but – since this miss-fit has been doing unconstitutional things – almost unilaterally , how would it ever be possible to pigeon-hole him???

    The fundamental question I now have because of these first-ever, Obama actions is this. Where are America’s *enforcers* who are specifically charged with bringing formal charges against – a President no less – when that person ignores our foundation document and repeatedly does unconstitutional acts against all Americans?

    I know the constitution isn’t perfect because I have studied its failings – but surely there must be some procedure short of the seemingly unusable impeachment route, to deal with obvious acts by officials who defy that seminal, defining American invention for civilization.


  2. Rob, I so enjoyed reading your Insights on You Can Keep Your Plan if you like it , and also your Doctor, that’s if They Like It.So many lies over and over again. I feel so sorry for all the people who have lost their insurance. Its really shocking and so very sad.Thanks for a good, understandable and interesting article. Pearl Boxer.

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