We Are All Beta Testers Now

I think this (see article link below) is the most damning ObamaCare information yet to come out.

In order to roll out ObamaCare on Oct. 1, the administration chose to roll out a website it knew not only wasn’t fully tested from a functional view, but–worse–also was not tested from a security view. The administration chose to let users enter their most personal of data (their health information) along with their social security numbers into a system with a broken, untested security apparatus. This is criminal negligence.

And now, incredibly, the administration is saying that the initial users of the broken website (presumably those using it from Oct. 1 through today) are really only beta testers. Appearing before a Congressional committee today, Secretary Sebelius compared the early roll out to a sort of early beta test.

But a beta tester is first and foremost a tester. He is told beforehand he’s a tester. His purpose from the software developer’s point of view is to find problems that its in-house team hadn’t found. You don’t send a broken product out to real users, let them twist in the wind finding software problems, then later call them beta testers.

These ObamaCare problems are not going to go away. The administration has dug itself into too deep a hole. As the days and weeks go by, Obama and his Democrats will be forced to insist on a delay to their beloved, broken “settled law of the land.”


4 thoughts on “We Are All Beta Testers Now

  1. Yes. This was not very well thought out. Dumping that many plans with out testing compatibility, or having a slow roll out. Poor choice, fingers can be pointed all day, but in the end guess who is responsible for fixing it…? 🙂 * in 30 days none the less.

  2. It’s even worse than you have stated.
    The people in the White House, who are “designing” the Obamacare Web site, gave Sebelius this excuse to use. Consider this: they, somewhere along the way, heard the term “beta test”, but had no idea what this really is. Just like they have no idea about how to design a viable and secure website. So they passed this beta test idea on to Sebelius to use in the hearings. Little did they know, how stupid their suggestion was.

    Aside: Lets recount the performance of Obama using the Presidents own words.

    1. He did not know that the IRS targeting political opponents.
    2. He did not know about Benghazi. (Even worse, he said, and continued to say, it was caused by a video film reaction.)
    3. He did not know about “Fast and Furious.”
    4. He implies he was unaware that that the Obamacare law is FORCING, insurance companies to cancel policies. He is now blaming them.
    5. He did not know that the phones of our citizens and our allies were being hacked.

    So what kind leadership is this? He just lets the Government underlings do whatever they decide to do. Can you imagine, say, Steve Jobs, saying to his staff, build a new phone and let me know how the sales are going.

    And the next question that should be asked in the Obamacare hearings, “Why was the contract for the Obamacare website provided on a “non-bid”, “non-competive”, basis to a company whose key executive is a personal friend of Michelle Obama?


  3. Good report, Rob. thanks

    But, criminal negligence or not, my bet is that no one will ever be called to account for the pitiful – typical govt – performance on the entire thing.


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