Letter to Mr. Netanyahu

This is a guest post by Carol J. Cannon, of Goleta, California. Carol J. Cannon is a mother of five and a grandmother of nine. Her favorite pastime is asking herself questions and seeking answers. Involved in local politics, Cannon has further served as editor, publisher, and writer of Aegis, Eagle Forum of California’s monthly newsletter. […]

Government Control of the Internet–A Progressive Dream Come True

Today the FCC has adopted new regulations for how Americans may use and do business on the Internet. The 3-2 vote was partisan, with majority Democrats voting in favor, fully in line with the president’s views. The new rules will require that the Internet be classified as a public utility, like the telephone, requiring Internet […]

Unilateral Executive Action on Immigration: ObamaCare Redux

Who can forget the run-up to the 2010 passage of ObamaCare? A newly elected president, with a great smile, enjoying an unprecedented outpouring of goodwill from members of both political parties, and owning super majorities in both houses of Congress, had decided that passing a huge health care bill was in the public interest. It […]

Spinning Ebola

Clearly with the upcoming appointment of political hack Ron Klain as America’s new Ebola Czar–a person with no medical background whatsoever, whose main claim to fame is having served as chief of staff both to former Vice President Gore and Vice President Biden–the Obama administration has once again demonstrated that the president is more concerned […]

The Democrats: The Party of Control

“The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly.” Abraham Lincoln, when speaking these words, could have been advising today’s GOP, which in its four-year fight to repeal ObamaCare has found an unlikely ally–the law itself. Strict implementation of this law’s myriad rules, regulations, and requirements, the GOP has found, […]

An Increase in Minimum Wage: Have We Learned Nothing?

No matter how many times certain ideas are completely debunked, many, nevertheless, have a way of always returning. The present push by Democrats to increase the federal minimum wage rate is one such debunked idea returning for its tired and predictable reprise. Currently the federal minimum wage is $7.25-per-hour. The president and congressional Democrats would […]

Justice in America is the Norm

Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade, who shares the life experiences of the well-to-do, upwardly mobile Indian professional classes, was arrested earlier this month in Manhattan on charges of lying on a visa application about how much she pays her maid, Sangeeta Richard. New York prosecutors claim the maid received only $3 per hour. Additionally, Richard’s husband […]

Martin Bashir’s Troubles: My Interpretation of Events

I’ve been wanting to write the following for a few weeks now, but have hesitated each time because of the great possibility of being misunderstood. But to hell with that. Former MSNBC political pundit Martin Bashir recently resigned his position because of off-color, inappropriate comments he had made about Sarah Palin. She had compared to […]

The Nuclear Option Arrives – A Democrat Coup D’etat

Well, the Senate Democrats did it as they have been threatening; they have finally triggered the so-called nuclear option. As of today, no longer can the GOP Senate minority filibuster the president’s judicial and administrative nominations. This is huge! Senate Democrats, arguing hypocritically the exact opposite of that which they argued just a decade ago […]