Union Self-Interest Disguised as Virtue

Only in a over-regulated, statist society would this “problem” ever arise. Notice, as I pointed out a few days ago, that the taxi drivers and their unions are not stating the truth: that they are against these Internet-enabled ride-sharing services because they are a direct competition to their rip-off, monopoly services. Instead, as is always […]

Talk About Strange Bedfellows

“Big Marijuana lobby fights legalization efforts” Interesting article about how Big Marijuana has joined forces with the traditional anti-pot groups to prevent full legalization. (Incidentally, I’m against full legalization and extreme decriminalization as long as the welfare state requires others to pay for pot users’ excesses, such as medical and psychiatric costs. But that’s a […]

U.S. Trails Canada in Economic Freedom

An index of economic freedom listed by country created by the Heritage Foundation shows that the United States is number ten, behind Canada. This comes as a surprise to most Americans who think of Canada as a big socialist wasteland. However, my dealings with Canadians tend to confirm this. ┬áCome tax time their taxes are […]