Letter to Mr. Netanyahu

Carol J. Cannon

Carol J. Cannon

This is a guest post by Carol J. Cannon, of Goleta, California. Carol J. Cannon is a mother of five and a grandmother of nine. Her favorite pastime is asking herself questions and seeking answers. Involved in local politics, Cannon has further served as editor, publisher, and writer of Aegis, Eagle Forum of California’s monthly newsletter. Originally from Dallas, TX, Cannon has lived in California for the last 37 years pursuing her varied interests, which include politics, history, and current events, as well as creative writing.

Dear Mr. Netanyahu,

Thank you for coming to America.  I am just a grandma from Goleta, California, who can no longer stand idly by.  I can see that the world today is a dangerous place, and I fear for my children and grandchildren.  It is apparent that we are on the brink of another World War, and yet, the U.S. is somnolent, lulled into an easy, yet unrestful sleep having been soothed by the deceptions of a narcissistic president who prefers to indulge in fantasies rather than, as you are doing, to lead.  He has tarnished the reputation of our once great nation.

America has suffered more than its share of foolish ideologies and misguided leaders, but these times are different, with decisions that will not only change the future, but determine whether or not there is a future at all.  That is why, as a mother and grandmother, I look to you for help.

You have been around long enough and understand the U.S. well enough to know that we have an accomplice media who, along with our present administration, considers that the only open mind is one that is closed against Israel.  They have sullied your good name and that of the great State of Israel.

By no means do they represent me.

As Michelle Obama once famously said, “For the first time in my life I am proud of my country.”  May I say in retort, for the first time in my life, I feel shame for mine.

As I stand on the precipice of time and look at a world on the verge of collapse, the bright beacon of hope in the distance would have been the light that shone from America; no longer is this true.  Our light has grown dim, and our power has become weak.

If only I had something to offer other than words and pleas; alas, I have no more.  My fear for the future is palpable.  My worry for my family is tangible.   What seems to be a bleak and certain future, however, is still far enough away to be reshaped, but only with tools tempered from the fires of wisdom—wisdom that you, out of all of today’s world leaders, embodies.

May God’s blessing and protection be upon you and the people of Israel.  May His hand guide yours through these treacherous times, and may we all be humbled by His mercy and love.

With greatest sincerity…and hope,

Carol J. Cannon


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