Talk About Strange Bedfellows

“Big Marijuana lobby fights legalization efforts”

Interesting article about how Big Marijuana has joined forces with the traditional anti-pot groups to prevent full legalization. (Incidentally, I’m against full legalization and extreme decriminalization as long as the welfare state requires others to pay for pot users’ excesses, such as medical and psychiatric costs. But that’s a different subject.)

There is one thing I’ve learned about public groups in my years of observations. And consider this axiomatic, an absolute rule. When ANY private for-profit group makes ANY public pronouncement about why public policy must be a certain way, they will never simply state that the desired outcome is in their own narrow interests. They will always state it in terms of some general public good outcome they concoct that just happens to coincide with their own narrow interests. For example, whenever you hear about how some policy will have a salutary effect on children, you should check that you wallet hasn’t gone for a walk.



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