About Robert Boxer


Robert Boxer is a political pundit and software engineer, living in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. Not a day goes by when he doesn’t realize how lucky he is to live in such a desirable city. He attended the University of California, at Berkeley and Santa Barbara, majoring in both Political Science and Computer Science, while also studying economic systems and theory. Since his university days, he has extensively continued his study of economics, embracing free-market, laissez-faire economic policies (often referred to as Austrian economics).

Since an early age, Robert has had a keen interest in politics and philosophy. During high school he was active in student government, running successfully for numerous student offices. Later, he would host a long-running community access television show, entitled Robert Boxer: Viewpoint, where he presented a weekly commentary on subjects of topical interest. More recently, he was active in the 2012 Romney presidential campaign, working with conservative-affiliated “get-out-the-vote” groups along with those working to prevent voter fraud.

Always keeping up on trending political issues, he often writes political pieces giving his decidedly conservative positions. Philosophically, Robert is most in tune with the views of novelist Ayn Rand, believing that reality is knowable and objective, not a social construct as is fashionable to believe today especially at the universities.

Although a conservative, Robert generally avoids applying that label to himself because in the United States it often implies only social (that is, religious) conservatism, which does not adequately describe either his views or his political motivations. His conservatism applies primarily to his conservative economic and foreign policy views . Socially, Robert’s views are liberal and moderate–that is, libertarian.  He’s see no contradiction  with this.  He states,

It’s all about freedom and individual rights.  I favor small, limited government in economic and social policy because large government in these areas is a threat to our basic freedoms. People can best decide for themselves how to spend their own money and whether and in which manner to embrace religion. In contrast, I favor a strong, active America in military policy because without a strong military, we cannot project the power and influence that, to a large extent,  has guaranteed and defended our way of life and the peace of the world.

I see no contradiction with these views.  For instance, those conservatives who believe in small-government in the economic sphere, but endorse large government in the social sphere actually are the ones with a contradiction.  For me it’s not about fitting into contemporary labels, but guaranteeing individual liberties. And these liberties are best preserved by keeping government out of our economic and personal decisions, while at the same time strongly protecting us from foreign hostile challenges.

Robert was raised a reform Jew, and, as is customary,  was Bar Mitzvahed at the age of 13.  Although he still very much identifies culturally with his Jewish background, his confidence in the truth of science greatly exceeds his belief in a supreme being or creator. Instead, and in the same vein as the beliefs of neuroscientist and author Sam Harris, Robert believes there are many discoverable truths that lie within each of us (none of which requires the acceptance of a supreme being).

That being said, Robert usually finds himself in political alliance with social conservatives. Many of these social conservatives when the issue is fiscal policy share his belief in limited government and when the issue is foreign policy share his belief in strong, overwhelming military might. And he stands side-by-side with social conservatives in their never-ending battle against those seculars who see no problem with depriving Christians and Jews of their political rights, while fawning over perceived insults to Islam and other minorities.

His hobbies include reading, long walks in Santa Barbara, playing guitar (classical and rock) and listening to music, mostly rock, jazz, and classical. His current favorite music is indie rock, especially the newer indie rock of the past ten years. His two current favorite indie bands are Beach House and Arcade Fire. His favorite indie female vocalist is Lana Del Rey.