The Times They are a-Changin’

All one need do is look. Change is everywhere. Some of these changes are profound, yet many people live under the illusion that, ultimately, there is some force–some benign arbiter–that will not let these changes go too far. I hate to break the news, but such an arbiter does not exist. Today in America there is no effective opposition to the cultural and political onslaught changing permanently critical aspects of each of our lives. Economically and culturally, the rules are changing–fast–and nobody is around to stop this.

Consider an obvious example, ObamaCare. This new law, going into effect in bits and pieces in a cynical attempt by the administration to hide the law’s manifest shortcomings, is a huge change to how we view and procure our own personal heath care. Unread and rammed through a reticent Congress by parliamentary tricks, ObamaCare, by some estimates, takes over 18% of our economy. Although the Tea Party movement erupted in opposition to this new law, handing the House of Representatives to the GOP in 2010, the Tea Party and its congressional sympathizers have failed in all their attempts to repeal this onerous law. And no amount of town hall ruckus and legal briefings could convince the Supreme Court to save us from ourselves by striking it down. In the end we have effectively ceded our health care to government bureaucrats. And I see nothing coming on the horizon to save us.

Or consider far-reaching cultural issues. Just this week California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law new rights for transgender students. Without in any way disparaging transgender students, I must point out the obvious. This is a huge change. I don’t recall being asked about it. Do you? At the very least those in favor of this measure must concede that there are valid reasons why parents may not wish their daughters to share restrooms and showers with biological males (transgender “females” are biological males–penis and all). Who cares that female students may be traumatized by this? Where is the effective opposition to this huge change? Nowhere!

The immigration debate is a further example. Sovereign states have always enforced rules determining who may enter and stay within their borders. Incredibly, the United States by many estimates has over 15 million illegals. Deportation is apparently out of the question (not exactly sure why). And since the Democrats see new Democrats in each of these illegals, the steamroller is in motion to provide amnesty, perhaps thereby locking-in the Obama governing coalition for generations. Those who protest–that moving the waiting line is unfair to those who have played by the rules–are routinely discounted as racist. By most predictions these newly minted Americans will disproportionately use foods stamps, require free or subsidized medical care, and pay very little into the tax system. These changes will literally change the face of America. Good or bad, we don’t know. We know only it’s coming, and any attempts to stop it are seemingly futile.

And on and on and on. The cultural onslaught continues. The only realistic opposition–the GOP–is complacent and resigned, imploding from neurotic fears of its own reflection. It has nothing to say, and viscerally knows it. Fiddling at the edges, offering watered-down Democrat proposals, accomplishing nothing of substance, it fools nobody. It has nothing to offer, and–deep down–knows that everyone knows it. If there is any hope to slow down and perhaps stop these excesses, it must lie with the citizenry outside both major parties. But do the citizens see all these changes as existential threats to their way of life? Will they act? To quote Bob Dylan, “The answer is blowin’ in the wind.”

2 thoughts on “The Times They are a-Changin’

  1. Nicole,

    I plan to write more on this sometime. But I believe the true problem is that there used to exist a stopping hand to push back against real and perceived cultural excesses. This hand, at least recently, was attached to the GI Generation (a.k.a. the Greatest Generation)–the generation that fought and conquered the twin crises of the Depression and World War II. This powerful generation has all but vanished from the scene, primarily leaving Baby Boomers in charge.

    In other words, the grownups are long gone. Thus many of the pipe dreams of the ’60s, cute and radical chic when in opposition, have now, stealthily at first, become the cultural norms. And there is nobody left to stop it.

    More about this at a later time.

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