China Threatens Japan Ahead of Biden Trip

As I’ve been saying a lot recently, this story can blow up anytime. It is probably the most important story currently evolving, certainly in terms of world peace. Last week China asserted a new security zone in an area claimed by Japan. The Chinese insist all flights into the area, even flights not heading to […]


The Nuclear Option Arrives – A Democrat Coup D’etat

Well, the Senate Democrats did it as they have been threatening; they have finally triggered the so-called nuclear option. As of today, no longer can the GOP Senate minority filibuster the president’s judicial and administrative nominations. This is huge! Senate Democrats, arguing hypocritically the exact opposite of that which they argued just a decade ago […]

You Can Keep Your Plan As Long as THEY Like It

I read an article this morning about shell-shocked ACA supporters, finding their current health coverage canceled and replaced by higher-cost plans, turning against the president. What is interesting about the article is how ignorant these people are of basic economics. Such ignorance allowed the passing of the ACA in the first place and is almost […]

We Are All Beta Testers Now

I think this (see article link below) is the most damning ObamaCare information yet to come out. In order to roll out ObamaCare on Oct. 1, the administration chose to roll out a website it knew not only wasn’t fully tested from a functional view, but–worse–also was not tested from a security view. The administration […]

Hypocrisy in Washington

Hypocrisy abounds in Washington. Here’s an example. ┬áThe president said this recently: The spending initiative passed by the Democratic-led Senate would pass the House with support from Democrats and some Republicans, except that [Speaker] Boehner won’t allow the vote. In other words, the president says that if Speaker Boehner would only allow House members to […]

Voter ID Laws: Why the Left Fears Them

Listening to left-wing commentators’ hysterics, one can only surmise that Nazis have surrounded various state houses, and are fast closing in. They claim, with no evidence whatsoever, that newly enacted state voter identification laws (laws of which the majority is clearly in favor) are designed with only one purpose: to disenfranchise the powerless, making it […]

Million Muslim March: Only in America!

It’s September 11, 2001, toward the end of the long day. Over 3000 persons, who earlier that morning had routinely left for work in New York City, kissing their wives and husbands goodbye, were no more. The largest and deadliest attack against the American homeland since Pearl Harbor had just occurred, and Americans were just […]

The Times They are a-Changin’

All one need do is look. Change is everywhere. Some of these changes are profound, yet many people live under the illusion that, ultimately, there is some force–some benign arbiter–that will not let these changes go too far. I hate to break the news, but such an arbiter does not exist. Today in America there […]

Union Self-Interest Disguised as Virtue

Only in a over-regulated, statist society would this “problem” ever arise. Notice, as I pointed out a few days ago, that the taxi drivers and their unions are not stating the truth: that they are against these Internet-enabled ride-sharing services because they are a direct competition to their rip-off, monopoly services. Instead, as is always […]