Spinning Ebola

Clearly with the upcoming appointment of political hack Ron Klain as America’s new Ebola Czar–a person with no medical background whatsoever, whose main claim to fame is having served as chief of staff both to former Vice President Gore and Vice President Biden–the Obama administration has once again demonstrated that the president is more concerned with Ebola’s political fallout than with its actual containment.

With this Machiavellian appointment the administration obviously is attempting to keep solid control of its official Ebola spin, which has been mostly strings of nonsensical and seemingly conflicting statements. A prime example: CDC director Tom Frieden’s recent babbling about how one cannot catch Ebola on a public bus, yet in the same breath solicits those infected to stay off these same buses.

Frieden is simply incompetent; his muddled spin has square corners. Klain’s first order of business will be to round out these corners to an increasingly skeptical public. But rounded or not, spin is spin.

Everything we have learned about the risks of Ebola, in spite of the administration’s obfuscating, tells us that we can catch Ebola much, much more easily than the White House wants us to believe.



One thought on “Spinning Ebola

  1. Robert, The person Obama has selected for this very important job has no medical experience at all. How stupid to have selected this person. Klain should have declined stating that someone more experienced than he should be in this very important and serious position.

    Its just a political game Obama is playing. He felt he had to do something with everyone complaining about not getting all the information on Ebola. it is more serious than we all know.
    Freiden didnt know what he was talking about, he got all confused and sounded so dumb
    and stupid. It really was embarrassing to watch.
    I liked your Insights very much.

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