Hypocrisy in Washington

Hypocrisy abounds in Washington. Here’s an example.  The president said this recently:

The spending initiative passed by the Democratic-led Senate would pass the House with support from Democrats and some Republicans, except that [Speaker] Boehner won’t allow the vote.


In other words, the president says that if Speaker Boehner would only allow House members to vote on the continuing resolution, one would expect virtually all House Democrats to vote yes, thereby requiring only a handful of moderate GOP members also to vote yes to have a majority. So even though a majority thus exists in the House for the continuing resolution, members cannot cast their votes because Boehner is following the Hastert Rule: Only bring up for consideration bills that the majority of the GOP House members support.

However, what the president neglects to say is that an entirely analogous situation currently exists in the Senate where the Democrats are in control, but the parties’ roles are reversed. Majority Leader Reid will not allow a vote on repealing the ObamaCare medical device tax. Virtually all GOP Senators would vote yes for such a measure as would many Democrat Senators (as they have stated in the past), thereby easily creating a voting majority for repeal. The president–surprise, surprise–does not mention this.

2 thoughts on “Hypocrisy in Washington

  1. Rob, Your thoughts and insights on Hypocrisy are clear and so understandable, and to the point.. You explain and it becomes very clear that you know what you are talking about. Good work.

  2. Thanks Rob,

    That’s another brick in the growing wall between Dems and GOPers that is preventing anything of use to come from legislators. We still wonder where the sensible officials are in govt who used to look for the best compromises when faced with nasty decisions.


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